New Ultrasound at CCMC

Rebecca White and the new Ultrasound at Coleman County Medical Center.

Coleman, Texas (October 19, 2020) – Coleman County Medical Center has just received a new state-of-the-art Samsung HM70A ultrasound imaging system, expanding the capability over the old ultrasound device.

This new ultrasound offers much higher clarity and the ability to perform echocardiograms, which allows the technician to watch the movement of the valves and chambers of the heart.  Rebecca White, the ultrasound tech at CCMC has been using the new equipment for a few weeks and says, “I am so happy to have this new ultrasound in the hospital, the efficiency and clarity of the new technology is astounding and soon we will be able to offer echocardiograms on a more regular basis.”

Ultrasounds tests use sound waves to ‘see’ into the human body to safely view vital organs, as well as giving an expectant mother the first views of their unborn child.  Ultrasound can even be used to guide physicians during procedures like nerve blocks and accessing veins for catheters.  Even patients with symptoms of COVID-19 can be scanned by ultrasound, to see if lungs are clear of infection.

“Expanding patient care is always a top priority, this new ultrasound is a great addition to the services at Coleman County Medical Center.”, says Clay Vogel, administrator at Coleman County Medical Center.

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