CCMC is licensed for 25 acute care beds for medical, surgical and obstetrical patients.  All of these beds may also be used as swing beds to provide skilled nursing care to qualifying patients.


The emergency department at CCMC is designated a Level IV Trauma Center by the Texas Department of State Health Services.  The department is staffed 24-hours-a-day by room is open 24/7 by highly-qualified medical providers, nurses and support staff.

The vast majority of the nursing staff at CCMC maintains advanced certifications:  89% of registered nurses have Trauma Nurse Core Certification; 98% of the RNs and LVNs have been certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support; and 90% also hold Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification.  

CCMC Emergency Room


CCMC is licensed for 25 acute care beds for medical, surgical and obstetrical patients.  All of these beds may also be used as swing beds to provide skilled nursing care to qualifying patients.

CCMC Inpatient


County Medical Center offers a full service laboratory that performs an estimated 30,000 laboratory tests on tissue, blood and other body fluids each year. Some of the more common tests performed help providers determine whether or not patients have diabetes, high cholesterol, or infections.

Laboratory Staff at CCMC


The Swing Bed Program at CCMC is for Medicare patients discharged from Coleman or any other hospital following an acute illness, injury or surgery, who still need time and physical therapy to heal and strengthen before going home.


All three of the family physicians at Coleman Medical Associates practice obstetrical care in the clinic and deliver babies at Coleman County  Medical Center allowing expectant mothers in Coleman County and surrounding communities to deliver their babies close to home.   

The medical and nursing staff at Coleman County Medical Center have completed the latest requirements to receive to receive Level I Neonatal designation for the hospital’s newborn nursery.  All the medical and nursing staff of CCMC hold Neonatal Resuscitation Certifications and have completed a S.T.A.B.L.E. certification course addressing Sugar, Temp, Airway, Blood Pressure, Lab work and Emotional Support for newborns and their mothers.  The nurses have also completed numerous hands-on continuing education sessions. 

In addition, CCMC has refined its quality program for the nursery to include safety training, drills, and mock codes.  The nursing staff also conducts congenital heart defect screening on all newborns, as well as, a hearings screening to identify any potential issues prior to discharge. 

Exceeding state standards, the providers in Coleman provide education to new families regarding common questions, newborn care, basic emergency care and the Period of Purple program focused on the support of newborn parents and a decrease the incidence of shaking or abuse.

CCMC Medical Doctors


Coleman County Medical Center is proud to offer Doula Services, led by Amy Reynolds, a compassionate and experienced certified lactation counselor (CLC). Our services are designed for expectant mothers and families who seek a supportive, empowering birthing experience.  A doula is a professional trained to support mothers through the emotional and physical aspects of pregnancy, childbirth, and early postpartum. They offer guidance, education, and emotional support, ensuring a positive and informed birthing experience.

Doula Services:

Preparation:  Amy provides prenatal consultations, childbirth education, and breastfeeding techniques, ensuring mothers feel prepared and confident.

Personalized Support: Starting with creating a birth plan, Amy tailors her support to each family’s needs, offering a guiding hand through the birthing process.

Labor and Birth Assistance: Amy offers continuous emotional and physical support during labor, helping manage discomfort and advocating for the mother’s birth plan.

Breastfeeding and Postpartum: Post-birth, Amy assists with breastfeeding, including the first latch and ongoing support, ensuring a smooth start to the breastfeeding journey.

For more information on how to get the personalized care and support an expectant mother deserves, call us at 325-625-2135.

Certified Lactation Consultant Amy Reynolds


CCMC offers a full range of diagnostic radiology services – general x-ray, portable X-ray, C-Arm, CT scanning, and ultrasound – on both an inpatient and outpatient basis.  Exams are performed around the clock by a licensed radiologic technologist.  Digital images are immediately available for view by local physicians, and are also transmitted electronically to a board certified radiologist who will confirm the interpretation within a few minutes to a few hours.  These images assist the physician with the diagnosis and treatment of the patient in emergency and routine situations. 

Routine or general x-rays are the most frequently performed procedure and are typically used to diagnosis fractures and help detect pneumonia, obstructions and tumors. The portable X-ray is used to take images in the Emergency Department or inpatient unit when it is difficult to transport a patient to the Radiology Department.  The C-Arm is an x-ray unit machine configured in a ‘C’ shape that fits over an exam or surgical table and can be used on a surgical patient during surgical procedures.  

CT scanning produces multiple images of the inside of the human body, like a traditional x-ray, but much more detailed. The scans are one of the fastest and most accurate tools to examine the abdomen, chest, and pelvis and are most commonly used for trauma patients, abdominal pain, chest pain, pulmonary embolisms, and detection of vascular disease that may lead to stroke, kidney failure, or death.  

The 16-slice CT scanner recently installed at CCMC provides the medical staff with detailed diagnostic information in less time than earlier CT machines and with a reduction in patient radiation exposure of up to 40 percent.

Ultrasound uses sound waves to look at organs and structures inside the body, such as the heart, blood vessels, kidneys and liver.  During pregnancy, doctors use ultrasound to view the fetus.  Unlike x-rays, ultrasound does not expose you to radiation.

The PACs system improves the hospital’s ability to store CT and x-ray images, and electronically transfer those images to radiologists who read the images and provide a report.


Physicians practicing at CCMC perform diagnostic endoscopies, and minor surgeries, such as destruction of lesions, gallbladder removal, hernia repair, etc., at the hospital.  Full-time anesthesia coverage is provided by a certified registered nurse anesthetist.

Surgical Tools


Therapy services include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and cardiac rehabilitation.

The physical therapy staff meets the needs of outpatients as well as Swing Bed patients who suffer from movement, balance, and functional difficulties from aging, disease, injury, surgery or environmental factors.  Our dedicated, highly qualified physical therapy staff works closely with patients and their physicians to develop a plan that helps restore physical function and overall fitness.  We have a variety of specialized equipment to help produce positive outcomes.

The cardiac rehabilitation staff administers stress tests to determine cardiac function levels.  These are read by both local physician and a cardiologist. Staff also performs rehabilitation after surgeries, stint placements and any type of cardiac episode to increase mobility and heart function.  Education for heart healthy diets and daily healthy living are also part of the program.

Physical Therpist holding arm.
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